Organic Modena White Dressing

Unexpected surprise for your recipes
Organic balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI

Bring pleasure and quality to the table!

The White Condiment of Modena it's organic.

With a clear appearance it gives a touch of magic to your recipes.

Concentrated grape must and wine vinegar are the two ingredients of this pleasant and sweet and sour condiment.

The Organic White Dressing of Modena is a pleasantly dense product of only high quality organic Trebbiano grapes, clear and bright.

With its 4% acidity and its fresh and light aroma with a delicate taste.

Its acidity blends with the sweetness that persists on the palate, creating a pleasant surprise.

It does NOT contain sulphites.

How to enjoy it

Delicate on vegetables, fragrant with crudités, soft with meats, unexpected with fish.
Ideal with fresh, light dishes and the preparation of light sauces.

Chicken stir fry with balsamic vinegar

Chicken stir fry with balsamic vinegar

A unique dish that is prepared in no time but satisfies the palate!

Strawberries with balsamic vinegar

Easy to prepare, good at the end of a meal or snack. Excellent to accompany fresh cheeses


Organic White Condiment from Modena
250mL glass bottle with wooden cap and doser - integrated pourer.

€ 9,90 tax included

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