Organic Lambrusco red wine vinegar

Rustic and persistent touch
RED vinegar

Livens up dishes and drinks

Florindo red wine vinegar is organic.

Its extraordinary aroma will give your dishes a distinctive and decisive touch.

Produced with only single-variety Lambrusco grapes of our production.

With the aroma and flavor of ancient times, it has a marked acidity of 7% and at the same time is very harmonious. Produced exclusively with our single-variety Lambrusco grapes.

How to enjoy it

Florindo Organic Red Wine Vinegar has a strong character with a more intense aroma and flavor than white wine vinegar. Ideal on salads rich in tasty ingredients such as anchovies, capers, olives, etc...

Balsarena Sour

Balsarena Sour

A refreshing and delicious drink: BALSARENA SOUR!

Organic Red Wine Vinegar from Lambrusco grapes
250mL glass bottle with wooden cap and doser - integrated pourer.

€ 3,30 tax included

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