Lambrusco organic red wine vinegar

ORGANIC white wine vinegar

Livens up dishes and drinks

Florindo red wine vinegar is organic.

Witty at the right point, it transforms even a simple salad into a fragrant bouquet.

Produced with Lambrusco grapes.

With a very intense aroma and flavour, it has a marked acidity of 7% and at the same time is very harmonious. Produced exclusively with Lambrusco grapes.

How to enjoy it

Florindo Organic Red Wine Vinegar is excellent on raw or cooked vegetables, together with salt and extra virgin olive oil. Special for marinating fish and meat. Incredible as an ingredient in thirst-quenching drinks with a unique flavour

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Glass bottle with wooden cap and dispenser - built-in pourer.

€ 3,30 tax included

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