Balsarena Sour

Balsarena Sour

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A refreshing and delicious drink: BALSARENA SOUR!


  • Bourbon whiskey 4.5cl
  • Lime juice 2.5cl
  • Shrub of grapes and cherries acidified with White Wine Vinegar 1.5cl
  • Egg white 1.5cl


  • Boston Shaker

Informazioni nutrizionali Valori medi per porzione

  • Calorie 0
  • Grassi 0g
  • Grassi saturi 0g
  • Grassi insaturi 0g
  • Grassi trans 0g
  • Carboidrati 0g
  • Zuccheri 0g
  • Fibre 0g
  • Proteine 0g
  • Sodio 0mg
  • Colesterolo 0mg


  • Preparation

    Pour all the ingredients into a Boston shaker.

    Make a dry shake (shake without ice) in order to better whip the egg white, then make a second shake with ice.

    Filter into a previously cooled cup using a conical strainer.

    Garnish with dried lime and drops of abbott's bitter.

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